Beauty Works Hair Extensions

Beauty Works Hair Extensions

Beauty Work Hair Extensions Durham

Beauty Works are a brand of hair extensions that have over 10 years of supplying quality hair extensions, offering award winning hair to some of the most prestigious salons and stylists.

In line with Tom’s very own mission of hair, Beauty Works enables everyday women to enhance their natural beauty with their hair solutions. Through providing hair systems that enhance natural beauty, create the hair of your dreams with Tom William Maddison’s 15 years’ experience and expertise in hair extensions and styling.

What hair extensions does Molly Mae wear?

If you’re looking for Molly Mae hair extension goals, then you are in the right place! The muse herself often wears between 20-22” inches of Beauty Works hair extensions in the shade ‘Iced Blonde’.

If you’re looking at achieving the envious long locks, then consultations are complimentary and then we take it from there! All hair extensions are available with Klarna, meaning you can slay your hair today, and pay for it later! Get in contact here to book a consultation.

Will I suit Beauty Works hair extensions?

The great thing about consultations is that Tom takes the time and effort to understand your needs, your hair dreams and goals and if your hair would suit Molly Mae inspired hair extensions.

If not we do have a range of solutions that will still help you achieve your hair goals!

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