Would I Suit Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are for everyone!

Hair extensions are for everyone, a common misconception is that hair extensions are to extend the hair to achieve longer Rapunzel like hair. Though in some cases this is true, the possibilities for hair extensions are limitless and cover a range of customer benefitting qualities including adding volume, elongating the front or simply to aid the growth of hair loss,

The addition of hair extensions to your natural hair can having truly remarkable results, and should always be applied by professional hair extension artists with a wealth of experience and years of fitting mastering the trade.

Whether you are wanting to add thickness to fine hair, or to simply add length to short tresses – hair extensions are the way to do it. Tom prides himself on having an expert knowledge and understanding of hair extensions, built up from years of industry experience.

Tom values the condition and health of your hair, and will always offer professional opinion on how suitable extensions are for your own hair type, the quantity that should be fitted, as well as giving crucial maintenance advice to allow maximum longevity of your new locks.

The Hair Extensions we stock

Remi Cachet

If you are looking for one of the most luxurious and high quality hair extensions available, then Remi Cachet is undoubtedly the brand of choice. Along with the wide range of first class extensions from the Elegance and Luxury ranges, an enviable selection of pre-bonded extensions, wefts and tape hair.

Great Lengths

You can be confident when wearing Great Lengths hair. One of the highest quality hair extension brands there is, there are many reasons why Great Lengths Hair extensions produce such amazing results. World renowned and worn by celebrities!