Naked Weave Hair Extensions

What is Naked Weave?

Naked Weave is a unique technique of applying weft hair extensions. What makes the Naked Weave Technique so innovative is that there is no use of glue, heat or braids in the application. The main benefit of a Naked Weave is that there are no visible connections, a cutting-edge technique compared to others.

Sick of having weaves that show through when you tie your hair up? Or you are looking for that picture perfect hair that makes your weave unnoticeable. Look no further, at Tom William Maddison we are proud to be a Naked Weave Certified Technician.

Looking after a Naked Weave

Looking after your new naked weave is important! Keeping your naked weave hydrated is important, using our Hair Extension Care range will help with the longevity of your weave.

Using a boar bristle detangling brush helps to detangle any stubborn knots and tangles. Our Luxe Styling Hair Brush is designed for those with long luscious locks! Not only does the brush perform in general styling, it also messages and adds life back to the hair. The combination of its boar and nylon bristle gives you the best of both worlds.

Will I suit a Naked Weave?

We run through a thorough complimentary consultation with every client who wants hair extensions.

During the complimentary consultation, we run through whether you would suit a Naked Weave or not, and if your requirements fit the results of Naked Weave.

Naked Weave makes it easy for at home after care, it is fuss free with a quick application that delivers maximum results.

How is it different to the weave I already have?

Naked Weaves are loved by many celebrities as the application is seamless and effortless! There are no visible connections, making it virtually impossible to tell that you are even wearing a weave.

The application is an innovative process and is not like any other application techniques.

How long does a Naked Weave last for?

Naked Weave will need to be re-fitted every 8-10 weeks. Depending on which hair you choose, the hair will last much longer than the first application, all dependant on your home aftercare routine. This is vital to keep the hair in its best condition to be reused again.

How much does the Naked Weave cost?

We give all clients a number of weft options from multiple hair extensions brands. Cost would depend on weight, length and brand of hair. All of these are discussed during your consultation.